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What is Pivot App or Pivot.one

Pivot is a community from China for cryptocurrency investors. Its Chinese version is well operated. Pivot provides cryptocurrency markets, prices and charts in real time of more than 1400 cryptocurrencies and the freshest blockchain news. Pivot App aim to help investors communicate more efficiently with each other and with startups in the blockchain industry.


Pivot has received investment finance from Binance and other famous cryptocurrency funds. Up to now, nearly one hundred startups and hundreds of business leaders in the blockchain industry have opened official accounts in Pivot. And more than 100k investors are using Pivot.one to guide their investments.

Pivot App in Numbers

  • ۳۵۶۹۸۵۹+ Comments
  • ۸۹۴۸۰۳+ Posts
  • ۲۷۴۶۱۰۳+ Users

Features of Pivot App

  • Freshest thorough news
  • Global Flash Newsletters 24h/7d
  • Perceptive comments
  • Super active community
  • ALL kinds of cryptocurrencies
  • Quotes, charts and fundamental information of any currencies
pivot app overview
pivot app overview

Download Pivot App!

How to earn Free Bitcoin From Pivot App or Pivot.one

    1. Open Given Link in chrome Mobile/ Desktop Browser.
      pivot app
      pivot app
    2. Login with your Google Profile/ Account and Then Continue and it will redirect you to Play Store so Download App.
    3. If not just click on Download The Pivot App Button. Or download from Google Play Store
      Open Pivot App and go to profile section and Login with the Same Google Account which you used in your default browser to download pivot app.

      pivot app
      pivot app
    4. Now go again in your pivot App Profile section and click on daily Task for Power
      pivot app
      pivot app
    5. Click on a post or in your Pivot App Click on Pivot Icon from the bottom and Open READ AND SHARE FOR POWER Option.
      pivot app
      pivot app
    6. Open Article and scroll at the bottom of the article and click GET READ POWER, Instantly you will get 200 Pivot power
    7. Move to Bottom and then Just Click on GET READ POWER and you will get 200 Power Instantly.
      pivot app
      pivot app
    8. Go back and do it Again – You can Earn Maximum 4000 Power in a Day by Reading Articles

After Getting 4000 Powers Successfully, Just go to Profile section and Click on Invite Option and Share your Refer Link on Social Media, if your friend joins you will Get 10000 Powers as Referal Per Refer.

New Daily BTC Bonus pool (4 bitcoin) will be distributed at 4:00 (GMT+0) the next day.
You will get assured Bitcoin Amount after every lucky draw at Given time.

Pivot App Proof

Pivot App - Payments Proof

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